Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

"La caletta session" back in april!!

At the moment the ocean around Fuerte is quite flat and the wind is so "lala" and I want to use this occasion to post some pics of "La caletta" that were made back in the wavy april of this year! I didnt  post this session because there were a lot of things and good conditions going on and than I just forgot it...
This day in La caletta I was on my 3,7 and the SW was blowing heavy!! On the waves I was often overpowered, which Im surely missing now!!
Summertime is nice, but Im already looking forward to autumn were hopefully the magic starts again and the atlantic shows us waveriders his second, for me nicer, face again!!! But I dont want to complain...until now there were some good sessions on the eastcoast and hopefully some more to come!!! But when the northshore and the westcoast are working, its a different story... then some adrenalin rushes in!!

pics by a friend of a friend

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