Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Dienstag, 2. April 2013

Morocco Part 4 "Sidi Kaouki"

One day after the nice action at "The Policestation" the wind turned a little bit more to the east, so more offshore!It  was very gusty ( from 5 knots to 35 knots) and off side off! A little bit tricky to sail!
The main beach of Sidi Kaouki was the spot to be for me! I was alone and my powerjoint had a little crack! But I couldnt  resist! Because of the strong gusts I prefered to sail my 3,7 Superfreak and it was a good decision! I had some nice waves and my powerjoint hold! Better...:)! This kind of conditions could end in a long swim back to the beach, incase something breaks... a little bit risky!
I remember back in 2010 a bad situation. There was a kiter out with me with the same wind direction(ENE) and the kite had a problem. He could not come back because the kite was in the water, and the offshore wind took him out in the ocean! I sailed around him and tryed to tow him but it doesnt worked out...finally I told him to let go the kite and save his life!!! He did!!! But than when he was save on the beach the teacher came with a bigger surfboard and went out in the ocean to save the kite!!! The same game...but this time the kite was already 500 meters in the ocean! I sailed around the teacher and managed to tow him a little bit to the shorebreak, which is in Sidi Kaouki quite outside( this day ca 250 meters). After 1 hour of swiming and fighting, the teacher arrived completly destroyed on the beach. In his hands a demaged kite! Later he said to me that he  never would kite and let kite in this kind of conditions again!!!
I thought by myself, just stop kiting and start windsurfing :) !!!

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