Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

Punta Blanca!

This week we had some good NE wind and finally some good waves for jumping!! I went to punta and had a nice time!! My sail was a 5.0...

Montag, 4. August 2014

10.000 blog visits!!! Yeah !!!

Today my blog reached 10.000 visits and for me this is a great feeling!! Thanks to everyone from around the globe for checking my page now and then...hope you like the photos of Sarah and my search for good conditions!!
Special THX to http://www.continentseven.com/ for linking me with the "Latest Blog Updates!!! And THX to http://www.hotsailsmaui.com/ for giving me nice prices on this great and beautiful sails and THX to http://www.suedkap-surfing.com/ for sponsoring  now my first sail(QUAD)!!!
I love this sport and I hope to have a lot more good sessions and wavesailing adventures to enjoy!!

Hang loose to everyone and keep treating mother nature with respect!!
...and in case you dont do it already, here an idea: its cool to clean a little bit the beach/nature from time to time...others might see it and nature gets cleaner :) 

Happy time on the water!!