Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Morocco Part 3 "The Policestation"

On my search looking for new spots, I had the luck to sail "The Policestation". Its located in the nice little village of Sidi Kaouki at the north part of the bay just behind the Gendarmerie Royale. It is a reef pointbreak that works the best at high tide. On good days it peels up to 200 metres and the NorthEast Passat is coming perfect sideoff. Great wave but as so often on my trip I was riding alone... but I dont complain :)!!!
My Firelight just worked perfect...like always.

Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Morocco Part 2 "L Qued"

This is the 3rd time I visit Morocco. Every time is quite special and different, you never know what will happen and which places you will get to.
When we entered the country the trouble started with our campervan on the Moroccan highway. The alternator broke and we just could arrive to the next gas station, where a mechanic told us that we need new belts. We bought them, paid too much, but happy to be back on track. After sleeping the night at the station we hit the road again direction south.
My feeling told me already its not going to be a great day. And so it came!
When we were back on the highway after 5 km a very loud strange noise from the motor let us stop again and it was "what a suprise" the alternator! We went backwards down the entrance of the highway and in first gear with WD40 in the alternator we made it to the village of Assilah where we found great mechanics.
Next day we made 100 km on the road when suddenly our waterpump broke down. Again, the night at the gas station and mechanic in the morning. What a great start.
But how I learned in my life, everything happens for a reason.

And the moment I rigg my sail, all the troubles are forgotten.


This time I was happy to sail for the first time L QUED. A nice reefbreak that breaks at the south end of Sidi  Kaouki offering great conditions for "down-the-line-freaks" like me.