Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Storm delivers awesome wavesailing conditions!!

 Last week was incredible!! The forecast was on storm alert!! And it started softly on thursday with side-sideon at Punta Lena. The waves were up to 3m in the sets and all riders had good fun! The only tricky part was getting back on land because the wind just died and I had to swim something like
300 m back to the shore...luckily the current helped me a little bit and so it was easy!!

Friday the storm started to pump and the spot to go was once again Punta Lena aka Rocky Point...I started with 4,5 but after some minutes a realised thats impossible and rigged on my strongwind weapon 3,7!! The wind was side-sideoff and the session was nuclear!! The waves were breaking on the outside reef up to double masthigh...and riding it save was my priority... loosing your material there wouldnt be any fun at all!!! But all cool and no prob!!
I was riding like 4 hours. Completly destroyed I drove back home knowing thats not over yet and a epic session could be on the way...But I had to go south and I had to wait for Sarah when she finishes her Yoga class at 20:00!
At 18:00 I was home and my plan was to take a hot shower now, eat something to recharge my batteries  and then easy pack the camper and pick up Sarah and go south... But suddenly it started to rain and I realised a long term problem that we could not go when its raining because our windshield wiper on our car didnt work well and the one on the drivers side always jumped off the window and didnt want to come back alone...especially when strong wind is coming from the co pilot side!
A mechanic switched by a mistake the two small arms that go into the motor...and one is longer than the other. So if I wanted to go south I had to change them, NOW...without knowing exactly what to do!! I tell you, what a black Friday :)!!
It began to get dark and to rain heavy and me screwing on the car without shower and eating yet and I often thought ...Fuck this, I stay home, shower and food and tomorrow I check a session in the north...!! But I did not gave up because I wanted to see a special place with this kind of storm... my whole clothes were wet and I cutted my hands while fixing this stuff...and it wasnt easy I tell you...I had to unscrew more and more...just having my mobile as a torch!! But after one and a half hour I DID IT!! But with no time left to eat and shower anymore!!
I threw fast some stuff in the camper and went to pick up Sarah with my hands full of oil and blood!! But I was on my way!!!
We drove some 5 km and the wind just went nuts... we had the feeling that the camper wanted to fly.... and still more than a hundred km to go...ufff...but we got some food in the supermarket and my energie came back wanting me to reach my aim...!! I  drove very slow ,but talking somehow we managed to pac-man the miles!! Now it was 23:00 and we nearly reached Morro Jable when suddenly the camper drove kind of strange and I knew a tire was blown and we dont have the big 19" key to change it...ohhhh man!! We lift it and luckily the rain was over and some nice Majorero helped us to unscrew the wheel!!
Around midnight we parked at the spot I had in mind for next days session!!But I had to stand up at 6:30 to get the right tide... so 6 hours sleep but all cool we are here!! So we went to bed!!! But after 20 min the storm and rain were so strong... with up to 60 knots I guess... that we had to go to the village to hide somehow!! But anyway we had to repeat this four times during the night...because the wind direction was turning now and then...!But finally we found a good spot for the rest of the night!! :)
In the morning the storm was atomic...and I was not sure if I could escape this time with my 3,7! I went for a morning dog round to check the spots out but Maya was quite uncomfortable and it wouldnt be any surprise when she just flew away with the wind...!! :) ...and after five minutes she was  back in the camper!!
I still was checking on the spot I thought it would be the cream... but it wasnt... the good tide was nearly over, the waves started to close out and the wind was brutal!!
I started to think that life f...cks me this time and that I have to go back empty..., and I thought maybe I had to listen to the signs and stayed home...........but life is magic!! And suddenly I saw that another spot looked quite good and my telefon started to ring and an old surf friend with who I surfed some sessions here in the past was telling me that maybe this spot I was looking at now, could work today for windsurfing!!
And it did...!! When I arrived there, the local crew was already rigging!! I was happy and started to rigg too, my 3,7... but it was not possible to get out...the wind was off-sideoff and xtremely gusty on the inside with sometimes no wind at all and the first set, which arrived from nowhere  just washed me back on the rocks...so I decided to switch to 4,5...what helped me to get out there...but once on the wave I was heavy overpowered,but I decided to stay on it and ride as long I could!! But the truth is that I couldnt do much whereas the locals were giving a BIG SHOW with huge arials and stuff!!! I was mainly just trying to get down the line looking that the waves wouldnt close me out!! But it happened anyway and I had some good swims and unfortunatly my 4,5 went on the rocks and its now broken!!
I decided to have a last session with my 4,2...but after the short night I was tired and after finding me back in the rocks plus having also in mind that the spare tire is loosing air... I decided thats enough for today and tired and happy I was ready to go back!! Nice session!!

Unfortunattly I am now missing my both most important sails the 4,5 and 4,7... and the winter just began... but how the indian say: very nice;ery nice!!! I hope that something comes up!!!

Special Thx to Sarah Rosowski Photography for capturing this great moments!

For a dia show click on the first pic!

Hope you like!

Promising morning view...

full pooowwweeerrr on 4,5

Local surfer enjoying

Local Shannon
Local rider Herman with impressive "AIRS"

speeding up

some nice moments for me


and Herman...

Shannon going highline on a set wave

beautiful but stony playground

4.2 was the best size this day

this one I couldnt escape...

Local "Eisdealer" with some nice turns...

South Localboy Simon on the end off his wave...

Local "Doc" and rider Nobert on a beauty one...

Siesta time for Simon and me...

... people enjoying the wave action...

And for more pics of this and other sessions check: Sarah Rosowski Photography on Facebook