Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Eastcoast oceantime

Here in Fuerte summertime means tradewind time and this means NE-passat! NE-winds bring nice waves to our eastcoast but it means also onshore! In case the wind turns from NE to N or NW this means "Happy Hour" for our -down-the-line- community!!
This tuesday the wind was quite strong :)!! but gusty and turning from sidesideoff to sidesideon. However all riders had a great time in the lineup... Happy Faces everywhere and some good action!!!
I was training some aerials and some gu screws (slightly overpowered on my beloved 4,5 Firelight) and had a really great time with friends on the water!!! writing this... I want to be back in the ocean... but for a moment the wind chills now and the hands and feet can have a relax!!

smooth bowls

Swizer rider Linda

Jacky going for bottum

Paolo enjoing the nice waves

good position to set a forward...but wasnt...next time I try!!

small aerial...but with speed...




...and some 20 meters later "splash"

Paolo in the oceanrythm

Simon from Germany ripping it up


Simon spraying

Painting with the waves

clean faces


"yeah" in da "air"

foam slide "I Like"

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