Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

Wavesailing Morocco winter 2012/13 "Best of"

Here are the best moments of our 3 months moroccan winter trip! It was a really great time!
There were NE and SW winds, always side-off. And also some completely glassy days, perfect for surfing!
The people were great and the culture is magic! The nature is awesome...
What can I say... I am looking forward to be back soon and go further south to check some secret spots :) and visit Dakhla, yeah!!!

For checking the pics, it is the best way to click on the first photo! It then opens a kind of diashow ...much more easier than scrolling all the way down! Hope you like the shots and it will make you hungry for a moroccan winter trip!!! Hang loose and ride on!!!

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  1. Alter Schalter Pater Junge. Extrem fette Pics. Freu mich zu sehen das du Spass hast. Hoffe alles Rogger bei euch. Gruss aus Berlin. Das Sebbon ;-)