Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013


The second day in Majanicho was wonderful! Nice waves and offsideoff wind made the playground quite perfect for going down the line. All the sailors had fun and some waves were ripped apart really hard... . My feet are still hurting bad, but luckily "wind off"for some days, puhhh.
I just have to be hard and ignore the perfect surfing conditions ...argggg.

beautiful ocean colours  (but due to kalima, missing the matching sky colours)

Indo style reef

white christmas "2"

Selfmade Catamaran by a German...wants to go now slowly direction New Zealand...respect and good luck, my friend!!!

walling up

The "black sheep"photo

Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Northshore on fire!!!

Yesterday was a monster windsurfing day!!! Majanicho alive... nice pumping waves around 8-10 ft. and good eastnortheast wind, which came quite sideshore . Really great!!!  All riders loved it!!!
My problem at the moment are not the great conditions every day, it is more that my feet are suffering from all the lava-stones!!! Lots of small cuts and two bigger ones, going is hard... surfing is still o.k. ;) ! Today was also a great session, some pics I post tomorrow. All pics by Sarah Rosowski. -----> eastwind comes from the sahara and brings lots of dust in the air!!!

Happy christmas time to all!!!!

 sitting in front of the laptop now, missing this already....

waves were hungry

working on my buttom turn....slowly getting there :)

cleaning up set in my back...but not for me...this time

my board wanted to go submarine

!scoring chrismasgifts!

sometimes waves everywhere

"White Chrismas"

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

Lava Reef down the line

When the wind turns from east to south here on the island, its hard to find a good spot on the Northshore. All the waves look perfect but the wind is too offshore and gusty for a nice session.
But the wind turned a little bit back and I was the lucky one scoring beautiful conditions.
When I entered the spot it was lowtide and the 2 meter swell peeled very nice , but also very fast!! The wind was offsideoff and tricky. But ones in the wave it was great....
During my soulfoodsession I went 3 times "on da rocks" and my feet were suffering lots ( ...even now they are hurting) but I still prefer to surf barefoot !!

Dog s next live a "Surferdude" !??!!

"Offshore Paradise"

Looking for a spot

carving time

no wind buttom

suffering feet

Ponta Preta feelings

Backdoor on the rocks