Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

"Bristol session" back in April!!

This time, some wavesailing pics of "Bristol"(Shooting Gallery) on the northshore of Fuerteventura near Corralejo! Nice spot, but the entrance and the exit are quite tricky since everywhere are just sharp lavarocks! Plus the conditions are rare to get and when its working another superwave is also "on"! And if there are sharks around Fuerte I could imagine that they are chilling right there and losing your stuff outside on a big set would give you a nice long thrilled swim in!! Never let go your gear!!
I also repost a little video they made of us that day! Unfortunately for me, my biggest wave is not on tape...you can just see me starting in a big one "behind" the last wave filmed...!! But anyway BIG THX to the filmer!!

Fotos this time by Maksim Grigori!

To see the VIDEO click on this link!


Pedro from "Bubbleboards"

Longtime local Günther going downtheline on this beautiful lefthander!

Czech rider Jan ripped it hard but maybe too hard.... on the inside he lost his rigg and never found it again!! Days later he found only a piece of his mast!!

Me "Happy" on the inside!!

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