Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

"Sunset Reef "

The second day of the mistral I went to have a session on a special place I also discovered two years ago! Since this spot wasnt named yet , I did it, and from now on the spot has the name "Sunset Reef", because here you can see stunning sunsets!
It is a reef  nearly 1000 meters outside in the ocean, and if the Great White really exists in the mediterranean sea, for sure its chilling right there!!!
From the coast it looks easy, but when you are alone out there the perspective changes and it gets a little bit scary!!
Here the mistral comes on-side-on from the right and in the face of the wave you have no wind at all!! So the only thing what I could do with this wind direction is to cross the point hoping to get the left at the right moment and go backside down the line and have a nice "Mediterranean Big Wave Experience"!!
 Its not so great like it would be with side-off but its "Better-than-nothing".
Back in 2010 I tried to attack the lip but the wave just snacked me and I thought:"nice wipeout" being almost 15 seconds under the water and having to recover my material about 200 meters away from where I was!
In that year I saw it breaking with nearly 8 meters after three days of mistral but, this year, this was the biggest so far! On this session I was using my 4.7 Firelight !!
In two weeks comes a good friend of mine around and together we will search for more big wave sessions, hoping to sail some secrets I have on my mind.
So stay tuned and rip it hard!!!!!!


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