Wavesailing Adventures

Wavesailing Adventures

Freitag, 21. November 2014

SSW storm passing the canaries

This week we had some real weather over here... stormy winds and rain. I love these kind of days because the air is so fresh and windsurfing gets rough, what is a nice variety to Fuerteventuras mostly light  north winds.
Posaidon sent some SSW wind and some spots on our northshore coast started to work with sideoff! Unfortunately the swell was not so big but with some luck you found yourself on a headhigh wave! My sail choice on this day was a 5.0 but after half an hour the wind increased "monster" and I just couldnt hold it anymore and I decided to switch down to my 3.7 motorcross Superfreak!
It was blowing now with up to 50 knots I guess. But after a while a strong rain came along and the wind just disappeared and the session was over...!
It was a short but intense ride...and my butt is hurting because I landed an unnatural backloop attent somehow on da mast!

 Pics by sarah

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